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About Spaceright Europe Ltd

Spaceright Europe Ltd is the company which has taken over the business behind the brands of Spaceright, Ultralon and Wilson & Garden.

As a long established supplier to the Education Community our products are in use daily throughout the UK in schools, colleges and universities. We have a well established and ongoing commitment to serving the interests of the Education Community by delivering quality products on time, on demand.

Spaceright Europe Ltd has offices and manufacturing facilities in Cumbernauld Glasgow which provide exceptional levels of service to a range of customers predominantly in the public sector. Through teams of highly experienced and skilled consultants, engineers and project managers, we have at our disposal a national network able to work effectively with our customers.

Members of the British Education Suppliers Association (BESA), we have the requisite ISO accreditations and quality standards in place to not only fulfil, but exceed, the necessary standards in our marketplace.

We supply the Education Community both directly, to individual institutions, and indirectly via re-sellers (BSF / PFI), tender related activity, third party contractors, and other associated routes to market.

As a supplier our commitment to BSF / PFI, contractors, Higher Education and Further Education is to meet the following key requirements of our users in the Education and other sectors:

  • Financial stability as a supplier
  • Quality products
  • Commitment to e-purchasing
  • Efficient operation
  • Quality systems
  • Dedicated account management personnel
  • Systems to provide comprehensive and accurate management information

Spaceright Europe Ltd delivers a complete lifecycle solution, from initial consultancy and design, to installation, providing effective value for money, support and maintenance. With an ever increasing product portfolio Spaceright Europe Ltd is better placed to deliver the level of support and service our customers demand.

© Spaceright Europe Ltd 2008

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Company History
Spaceright Europe Ltd was born out of Spaceright Ltd and two of the most trusted names in the education supplies market Ultralon and Wilson & Garden.

Spaceright Europe Ltd manufacture a wide range of visual communication equipment, ranging from our original patented Unique Revolving Surface Boards, dry marker boards, display boards and many other educational and training accessories. The company added Spaceright mobile folding table seating units to our range of products, thus strengthening the product portfolio.

The continuing success of our company is due to three main factors and beliefs we embody:

  • Our policy of offering a truly unique range of innovative educational equipment and canteen furniture to our customers.
  • A constant endeavour to maintain the high standards of the company’s products by using only top quality materials, manufactured to excellent standards by skilled craftsmen.
  • Being continually aware of the need to ensure customer satisfaction by offering a comprehensive after sales and maintenance service.

It is the intent of Spaceright Europe Ltd to maintain its leading position in the field of educational visual communication equipment, throughout the world, while maintaining the close customer relationship.

Wilson & Garden Ltd was founded by William Brownie Garden in 1904 in Kilsyth, Scotland, where its head office and manufacturing base was established for many years the main product was the rollerboard (invented by the company some 100 years ago) and is still in production today. In December 2005 the company was taken over by Ultralon Holdings Ltd and moved to new modern premises in Cumbernauld in 2007. In 2008 after a management buy-in the company re-branded to Spaceright Europe Ltd.

Ultralon Ltd, founded some 25 years ago, had a reputation for supplying quality notice boards, writing boards and display boards from offices in Watford. They successfully won tenders year after year and products are still going strong today. Spaceright Europe Ltd is keen to carry on this tradition and still manufacture Ultralon branded products to the same high standards.

Spaceright Ltd was formed by Ultralon in 2002 to manufacture, distribute and sell a new range of Mobile Folding Dining Furniture now well established Spaceright branded furniture can be found in many dining halls over the UK and Europe.

Looking to the future we are focused on strengthening our position and expanding into new markets, delivering our excellent standards to a fresh dynamic environment. The potential applications of our products are limitless and we want to allow other companies to benefit from them to progress and streamline their business.

Environmental Policy Statement
It is the policy of the company to identify and act to prevent both Quality and Pollution issues from the company’s operations, while simultaneously maintaining sensitivity to the full range of customers’ expectations.

We are very conscious of our responsibility to minimise the impact that our activities have on the environment, in respect of our manufacturing processes, our purchasing of raw materials and the day to day conduct of our commercial activities.

All of our adhesives, stains and lacquers meet COSHH standards, and we are changing, wherever practical, to water based products. Cardboard packaging collected and returned to our factory is repaired and reused. All off-cuts of cardboard and packaging are collected for recycling by William Tracy Ltd .

The environmentally responsible use of timber is a complex issue. Timber is an inherently renewable resource, and if sensibly used results in minimal pollution. As a responsible manufacturer, we have sought to purchase timber only from suppliers who operate under the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Also the company, wherever practical, endeavours to re-use and or recycle our timber products.

Timber pallets are either reused or collected for recycling by William Tracy Ltd , all other timber waste is collected for incineration by William Tracy Ltd

Goods damaged in transit are returned and are repaired where possible in-house. Faulty goods such as folding furniture products where an assembly of metal and timber products are combined are uplifted by William Tracy Ltd . to be recycled.


The company has specific objectives for:
  • Establishing a practice and culture of continuous improvement.
  • Maintaining a process of developing and communicating requirements for improvement by setting Operational Objectives and reviewing progress via the management review process.
  • Ensuring all processes conform to internal and external requirements, customer contracts, and appropriate standards.
  • Minimise operating and overhead costs through the use of Quality and Environment awareness.
  • Ensuring that both Quality and Environment objectives for the company are consistant with Product Quality and Health and Safety requirements.
  • Continually review methods, tools, and concepts for the business.
  • Promote awareness of Quality and the Environment through training and education.

Overall our policy is guided by two major considerations. Firstly all our management are acutely aware of the real dangers to our environment caused by our industrial society, and we feel a moral obligation to play whatsoever small part we can to improve the current situation. Secondly as society as a whole becomes environmentally conscious it is obviously commercially prudent for the company to ensure that our products are sourced and manufactured in a way that will meet with our customers’ approval. All of our purchasing and operational decisions now take account of both these moral and commercial imperatives, and are under constant review.

The company is registered and operates under ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 regulations and continues to review and improve our work methods, systems and processes to reduce environmental impact to ourselves, our neighbours, and the environment.

Click here to view our ISO 9001 Certificate

Equal Opportunity Policy Statement
The continuing social responsibility of our Equal Opportunities Policy is fully accepted by the Company and we are committed to ensuring that Spaceright Europe Ltd fulfils its obligation as an Equal Opportunities Employer.

The aim of our policy is to ensure that no employee or job applicant is discriminated against, in any way, on the grounds of age, sex, creed, colour, marital status, race or ethnic origins.

The Company will ensure that employees are selected, promoted and treated only on the basis of their relevant aptitude, skills and abilities. All employees will be encouraged to utilise any facilities to better themselves.

It is the duty of all employees to accept their personal responsibility for the practical application of this policy. The Company also acknowledges that specific responsibilities fall upon Management and Supervisors involved in employee recruitment and administration.

To ensure that this policy works, it is necessary for each employee to make his or her contribution by ensuring that any evidence of inequitable treatment be brought to the attention of the Company Secretary who will be responsible for monitoring the operation of the policy and for undertaking periodic policy audits.

This policy will be brought to the attention of every employee and job applicant and will be regularly reviewed.

Health & Safety Policy Statement
1. General Statement
The health and safety of all our employees, contractors and visitors are of paramount importance to Spaceright Europe Ltd.

The Senior Management has reviewed the Health, Safety and Environmental legislation when considering their responsibilities and setting the Company Health & Safety Policy objectives.

2. Company Responsibilities
Spaceright Europe Ltd will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work, of all its employees.

It will manage its business in such a way, and so far as is reasonably practicable, that persons not employed by Spaceright Europe Ltd are not exposed to risks.

The policy document explains in broad terms, what must be done by everyone within Spaceright Europe Ltd to achieve the objectives.

The aim is to provide a sound basis for the co-operation between management and employees, and is intended to encourage continuous improvement of our Health, Safety and Environmental performance.

3. Objectives & Commitment
3.1 Our objectives toward fulfilling this policy are:
  • To concentrate on the elimination of risks to persons as a first priority, then on risk reduction, prevention of injury and loss due to damage
  • To identify the health and safety hazards and to manage those hazards so that the risks are effectively controlled in accordance with this Spaceright Europe Ltd policy
  • To work to safety standards which satisfy our statutory requirements and reflect good industry work practices
  • To continuously review and develop these standards and when changes in legislation, industry practice or technology occur, to revise them accordingly

3.2 Consult with employees on health, safety and welfare issues:
  • To ensure that employees are trained, understand and carry out their job responsibilities
  • This will involve, but will not be limited to, selection, training, supporting and continuous assessment of employee performance
  • To continually monitor this policy by auditing and reviewing its effectiveness in the workplace

4. Legal Obligations
Spaceright Europe Ltd recognises the legal obligations placed on it by The Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and other statutory legislation as may be applicable to our undertaking.

Our Health & Safety documentation and records are kept in the Works Office, and will be freely available to contractors, visitors and persons who may be affected by our operations.

A copy of the Employee Health & Safety Information Manual is located in the Works Office being easily accessible to all employees for their reference.

Employees will be made aware of this facility and are obliged to familiarise themselves with the contents of this manual as it contains essential information for their health, safety and welfare.

Should any employee have any questions on any health and safety related matter, they must raise it with their immediate supervisor.

Race Relations
Spaceright Europe Ltd is an equal opportunities employer and as such has a policy to comply with our statutory obligations under the Race Relations Act 1976 as amended by the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 and, accordingly, implements the practice not to treat one group of people less favourably than others because of their colour, race, nationality or ethnic origin in relation to decisions to recruit, train or promote.

We observe as far as possible the Commission for Racial Equality's Code of Practice for Employment, as approved by Parliament in 1983, which gives practical guidance to employers and others on elimination of racial discrimination and the promotion of equality of opportunity in employment, including the steps that can be taken to encourage members of the ethnic minorities to apply for jobs or take up training opportunities.


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