EdTech Brand

Edtech was founded in March 1990 to create practical classroom resources that would make learning fun for children.  The concept was that our range would provide schools with high quality resources, printed on no tear plastic, as an alternative to laminated card resources used by other companies.  Since then, our products have soared in popularity and can be found in most schools across the UK.  All of our products are designed and manufactured to a very high standard to ensure that they are suitable for continuous and vigorous use in busy classrooms.

  • Product Development
    We have been at the forefront of product development of educational resources for many years. We have an excellent team of product designers and work very closely with educational advisors and teachers to ensure that our products are not only child friendly, but also tailored to the National Curriculum and other Government led strategies.
  • Resources
    Our range is designed to support teaching for EYFS, KS1 and KS1.  We have a many resources to support teaching and aid learning across a variety of subjects including:  phonics, multiplication, place value, counting, equivalence and more. 
  • Quality
    The vast majority of our products are made from strong, no tear, wipe clean plastic, making them durable and suitable for use year after year.  Research has shown that black printed on yellow optimises visual clarity and for that reason we use yellow as the base colour for many of our fans and sliding products such as number crunchers.